Martina Němcová

My lifelong Christmas story began during my childhood thanks to my father, who founded the company for the production of glass Christmas decorations. This is why Christmas became a part of my whole life, not only for a couple of days the year. I was born in 1984 and I studied economics. For several years I worked and gained experience in various fields, but the charm and mystery of the production of Christmas decorations in which I grew up would continue ot pull me back to the world of the beauty of glass.

I am executive director and co-owner of the family company HAN spol. s r.o., which produces glass Christmas decorations, and every year we work with painters on new collections that we offer to our customers. I look for inspiration for new decors, their processing and colour combinations essentially everywhere. However, my biggest inspiration are old things that carry their own story written by time inside them with their appearance. My first authorial collection was inspired by old candle holders and painting and mirror frames. Thanks to the decoration method used, the chosen production technologies and the colour treatment, the collection has a peculiar touch of old times.