Milada Myslbeková

The great granddaughter of Czech sculpture Josef Václav Myslbek. Born in 1952 in Prague, in the family of Ing. Architect Josef Myslbek. The father, grandson of sculptor J.V.M., painted beautifully and was all-round visually talented. The whole family used to spend the holidays at a summer house in the Krkonoše Mountains. During the holidays, the father liked to paint and photograph, and Milada would try it with him. Painting in her free time and the joy that comes with it stayed with her until today.

She studied at Střední průmyslová škola potravinářské technologie (Secondary technical school of food technology), where she subsequently worked for several years. After 1989, she lived a great part of her life in Germany, Syria and finally Libya with her husband and her two daughters. In all these countries, they’ve spent years filled with learning about foreign cultures. She got to know visual artists, government officials and even simple men from the desert and their folk art. It was here that she started to dedicate herself to painting more seriously. She drew the themes for her pictures from the nature and folk art of Asia and Africa. She was charmed by the Sahara, and even her first collection of Christmas decorations has a touch of mystery of the desert sand.